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Write your own GitHub clone

Date: 28 Feb 2016
Tags: [ github ]  [ git

Shower thought: What would it take to write your own GitHub clone? Answer: not that much! I’ve spend a few hours on tinkering with some of the basic concepts, and it turns out it’s actually quite easy to set something up from scratch. And before you all go and write comments that it not feature-complete: yes, I know. But most of them are fairly trivial to implement though, and my goal was to actually see if we can get the foundations up and running. Implementing things like an issue-tracker and webhooks isn’t part of that.


A toolbox for less than $100 / month

Date: 01 Jul 2014
Tags: [ github ]  [ hipchat ]  [ jira ]  [ servergrove ]  [ tools ]  [ zapier

There are a lot of tools out there which can help you as a developer / self-employed contractor. And even though most of these tools are free (as in beer), I don’t mind spending a certain amount of money on tools that help me do my business. So with all the tools out there, all the paid plans, the freemiums and the trial periods, what can a crispy 100 dollar bill every month buy?


Github gists: revisioned code snippets for free

Date: 26 Dec 2010
Tags: [ gists ]  [ github

If you maintain a tecnhnical programmers blog, you occasionaly need to post code snippets. I use a syntax highlighter plugin on my blog to make those snippets look nice and highlighted. It works and it’s easy enough to implement and maintain. But Github might come with a even better solution: gists…